Teens Speak

Adults struggle with how best to support their children through the many stresses that kids must cope with today. This event gave our community an opportunity to see stress and success through the eyes of students.  

Youth Advisory Council Events

The Coalition's Youth Advisory Council has provided wonderful programs through the years. Click below to learn about their events on distracted driving, relationships, drugs and alcohol and so much more.

"Talking Back"
  • Teens Speak
  • "Put The Brakes On Distracted Driving"
  • Make The Call/Take The Call
  • Video Featured on Action News about Good Samaritan Law
  • Battle of the Burbs
  •

    Profiles of Student Life

    The Student Support Card indicates that academic learning increases if a student’s social and emotional life is healthy. We all must do our part to ensure that our youth are supported in making the right choices.